New Products Zone

Visit this special showcase and discover products launched after September 2022 by APCO 2023 exhibitors.

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FirstNet Messaging

  • FirstNet Messaging allows subscribers to:
    • Create private or public group distribution lists
    • Send group text messages to any FirstNet subscriber from the web
    • View threaded (two-way) conversations
    • View message history and receive delivery receipts
    • View delivery confirmations
    • Import & export contacts
  • Works with major U.S. carriers and is also compatible with any device with text message capabilities.

Integrated Explorer
EagleView’s new Integrated Explorer provides access to your imagery, data, and insights where and when you need it most, within the tools and workflow that you are already using. Integrated Explorer may already be added to your vendor’s CAD software, or can be easily added to websites or applications with EagleView’s powerful API and documentation.

Carbyne APEX
APEX is the leading cloud-native emergency call handling solution that provides dynamic accurate location, patented live video, silent messaging, real-time audio translation, and more. APEX is built on a secure cloud platform, making it resilient to infrastructure failures and remaining fully operational when it matters most.

Cirrus Public Safety Platform
With the Cirrus Public Safety Platform, you are in control. Anchored by EMERES’ cloud-native CAD application, customers can easily connect other best-of-breed applications via the PSAPP Market. Need more? Build your own applications, components, and interfaces with Design Studio. This will forever change public safety.

SemperComm PCC-CR2472
SemperComm PCC-CR2472 – only commercialized broad-spectrum resilient redundant communications platform that is compact, interoperable, autonomous, standardized, future-proofed, configurable, military-grade, All-Hazards, independently-clean-energy-operated (72+ hours), patented, Sole-Sourceable-Grant-Ready, radio-deployment-agnostic. Integrates any-popular-mobile-radios, audio, batteries, solar into an ultra-deployable 2’x2’x2’ HEMP-proof Faraday cage. Manufactured by ComSonics (USA) – ISO9001, 50yrs, 300 employees, Employee-owned.

R-TMS (Real Time Monitoring System)
The Mann Wireless R-TMS Real-Time Monitoring System provides real-time monitoring of the UL noise floor at repeater sites. It helps radio departments quickly identify issues and find oscillating BDAs. Also, reduces the risk of site desensitization and coverage area degradation. Provides real-time monitoring, geo-location (triangulation), and alarms 24/7/365.

The 3120 Series: Split High Back Chairs
The 3120 Series of Split High Back Chairs are the newest in Concept Seating’s lineup of 24/7 intensive use chairs. The 3120 Series brings numerous adjustment options allowing maximum flexibility for varying body types in a multishift environment. The sleek, modern design is the new concept in rugged style.

Starkey S520 Passive Noise Cancelling Headset Combo 
The new Starkey S520 Passive Noise Cancelling Headset Combo includes a monaural headset with a triple XL ear cushion to reduce ear fatigue and provide a comfortable fit all day.  This headset with superior sound quality comes packaged with either a Push-to-Talk (PTT) 6-wire amplifier cord or a PTT 6-wire cord.